MORRIS PLAINS, NJ - With Halloween less than 30 days away, stories start to emerge about ghosts and creepy legends to make even the strongest person weak in the knees. Nothing provides more goosebumps than an old run down dilapidated building.

Greystone Hospital located in Morris Plains is now an abandoned stone building with broken windows and cobwebs. Needless to say, it is not a builiding that one would want to walk through at night.

However, in 1877, the State Asylum of Morris Plains opened its doors to 342 patients. It was a new and beautiful building. It housed many patients that the Asylum in Trenton could not accomodate.

Sign Up for E-News described the facility as having, “2 split wings, one wing for each sex and there was to be no communication between wards.”

The upper floors in the center building were apartments for staff members. The facility contained beautiful grounds for patients to walk, a dining room, exercise room, and activity room.

“Patients participated in numerous outdoor activities such as farming and raising food.”

Unfortunately, in 1895, the State Asylum of Morris Plains found themselves in the familiar state of over crowding. There were health issues, which led to the need for further expansion.

In 1901 a new dormitory building was opened, which provided the much-needed space for patients to spread out.   Since the opening of the new dormitory building, patients could be grouped according to their illness as well as enjoy fun activities.

In the years to follow, The State Asylum of Morris Plains continued to expand its patient numbers, which in turn ultimately demanded the need for physical expansion.

In 1924, The State Asylum of Morris Plains was named Greystone Park Psychiatric Center.

New therapy methods, such as hydrotherapy were offered as well as a dental facility, firehouse, greenhouse, and generator.

Today, the original buildings are no longer used. The grounds around the original building have been transformed into beautiful soccer and baseball fields as well as a volleyball court and outdoor roller rink.

Stop for a moment and observe the building and all its history. Is that the wind? Or maybe, just maybe it is something else.