CHATHAM, NJ - Valentine's Day.  The stakes are high, which mean the steaks should be high quality.  The seafood, pasta and Italian gourmet dishes should also be too!

Valentine's Day dining can be challenging which is why a place with lots of space, romantic charm and set aside in a quaint colonial town may be the perfect place to go!

Cafe Roma, opened recently in downtown Chatham by the same owners of Fiore's of Morristown, is a breath of romantic fresh air.  The food is especially delicious, most notably the Veal Milanese.  There are traditional and unique Italian dishes on the menu.  It's a bring-your-own so it's also quite affordable for an extraordinary night out on the town.  And downtown Chatham is the perfect location for an after dinner stroll.

You can find out more about Cafe Roma by visiting the website at  Or call directly for reservations at 973 635 0088.