Dear Residents of the 3 rd Ward,
My name is Lorena Keating Inestroza and I am running for the 3 rd Ward council seat in Morristown as an Independent. As a 7 th generation Morristown resident, mother of four and grand-mother to six (with a seventh on the way!!), I am honored to have the opportunity to potentially represent the constituents in the 3 rd ward and offer solutions to the problems I currently see affecting the quality of life in the ward.
Growing up, I learned at a very young age that public service was duty and privilege and that all needed to be involved. My grandparents and parents would recall stories of our family’s past, going all the way back my great-great Grandfather Cornelius Holly, who was a Constable in Morristown in the late 1800’s.
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My great grandfather was the owner of J.L. Brown optician on South St., which is still operating as an optician’s office under a different name. My Father C.W. Keating grew up at 24 Cutler St. and mother grew up on 61 Mill St. All of our family history in Morristown has allowed me to understand the importance of community and the importance of public service in the community.
I decided to run as “Independent”, because I feel that party politics have no place in our town. I believe town wide, there has been a tremendous lack of oversight, accountability and transparency within the local government and that a non-partisan pragmatic voice is needed to ensure that the unprecedented growth we are having does not negatively affect any resident or any neighborhood throughout the town especially in the 3 rd ward.

I have built a platform that will address:
1. The rampant drug dealing in the Early St. Senior buildings. This issue is most urgent as it puts our children and seniors at great risk. I am currently working with the MPD to ensure daily random patrols are made throughout Early St., Atno, Clinton and the corresponding streets.
2. Diligent oversight of all the redevelopment in the 3 rd ward. We must hold the developers and administration accountable to ensure that the residents benefit from the growth not become burdened by it. Working with the developers to ensure that they become responsible corporate members of our community and invest back
into the infrastructure of our neighborhoods.
3. Address the everyday quality of life issues affecting our ward such as: Speeding through neighborhood streets where our children play, cut through streets that are abused by out of town travelers and ever-soaring property taxes. I will help enhance stronger public safety with the MPD and the beautification to all of our streets, playgrounds and lakes.

4. Ensure that the channels of communication are open to all. Accessibility is key with the changes happening trough-out the 3 rd ward. It is imperative that allresidents feel they have a voice in the process and that their voice is being heard. I will not be a rubber stamp and will speak up against any proposal that does not put the residents first.
I am dedicated to bringing a fresh, pragmatic voice to the many issues affecting the 3 rd ward and the town as a whole. I will never stopping fighting for what is right and for all residents in our diverse ward to be represented equally and fairly. I am honored that I would be considered for this position and feel extremely grateful to have this opportunity to speak to my neighbors in the 3 rd ward.
I humbly and respectfully ask for your Vote this Nov. 5 th for 3 rd Ward Council.
Lorena Keating Inestroza
3 rd Ward Independent