MORRISTOWN—The Morristown High baseball team continued its warpath toward earning the top-seed in this year’s Morris County Tournament on Monday.
Fueled by a two-run homer by Sami Cazimoski to break the game open in the second inning, the Colonials cruised to an 8-2 victory over neighboring Randolph on an overcast day at Harter Road. In dealing their old, longtime Iron Hills Conference-Iron Division rivals their first loss of the season, the Colonials are now off to a 3-0 start.
Senior Morristown ace Matt Lopez also did his part on the mound striking out 8 and nearly shutting out a Rams lineup that many involved on the Morris County baseball scene believe is one of the county’s best.
Randolph—plagued by five fielding mishaps in this game—surrendered an unearned run in the fourth when Brennan O’Neill laced a two-RBI base hit and Tate Ballestero drove in another to double the lead to 6-0.
The Colonials will now venture back into NJAC-United league play on Wednesday, where they’ll face Chatham. First pitch is slated for 4 PM at Harter Road.