The Clash of Classes, a yearlong spirit contest at the College of Saint Elizabeth, used integrative learning and healthy competition to foster camaraderie among freshman students. This competition, that involved all freshman English classes, relied heavily on creativity and relationship building.

“With this being the first full co-educational freshman class we wanted to do something fun and engaging to promote CSE spirit and help students learn important information for college success,” said Monique Guillory, vice president of academic affairs, who spearheaded the competition. “We intend for this to become a standard part of the first-year experience here at CSE

The Clash of Classes consisted of several inventive endeavors that enabled students to think critically and work together. They were expected to perform a cheer, design a banner, participate in four eliminative quiz bowl challenges and create an educational song. The winning class, “Broccolearners”, transformed D.R.A.M.’s popular song “Broccoli” into an anthem for learning.

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“It taught us how to work as a team more than individuals,” said Julia Misiejuk, member of the Broccolearners. “All our individual skills came together to help us win.”  

“The students found it a fun way to spend time with their classmates and learn facts about the College and about current events,” said Lynne McEniry, director of the Academic Success Center at CSE.

In addition to bragging rights until graduation, the winning team was awarded between $3,000-$5,000 to divide between them.

Congratulations to the members of Broccolearners: Ariel Cifuentes, Timothy Cook, Adriana Gonzalez, Jacqueline Merlos, Julia Misiejuk, Dianne Nieves and Octavia Turner!

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