MORRISTOWN, NJ -  On Wednesday January 18, adults, teens and kids came out in a show of support for their friend, neighbor, and classmate Hedda Sivertsson. The 3 mile fun run in Hedda's honor was organized as an impromptu way to support the 14 year old Morristown teen who is battling brain cancer. 

"We wanted to do something, so we organized this fun run," said Heather McDermott of the Running Company. "I don't know Hedda personally but one of my co-workers is a family friend of the Sivertsson's."

"We asked for a cash or check donation to help the family", said McDermott. The Running Company posted the event on their website and stated that the money raised will "help make her days brighter, her dreams come true, and above all to help her family to be able to do what means the most to them — be together — as they fight this battle.

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And what a turn out it was! 

Over 250 runners came out to run on Wednesday night for Hedda.  

"We didn't know how many people to expect", said McDermott. "I did get calls from the Morristown High School Key Club and know that some sports teams were given the night off so they could participate".

One of the parents brought turquoise ribbons that the kids could wear to coincide with the Ribbons for Hedda movement that has spread throughout Morristown and beyond. Community members, through Facebook were asked to tie turquoise ribbons around homes, trees, dogs, backpacks and anything to show Hedda support. The love and support has continued to spread outside the town limits and onto Cape Cod, New York City, Mexico, Texas and beyond. Click HERE to see more for Ribbons for Hedda.

Those wishing to donate and did not run, can make a donation through Hedda's  gofundme  page. As of Wednesday, over $34,000 of the $50,000 goal has been reached. Over 300 people have sent donations, prayers, love and messages to Hedda and her family.

In a Facebook post, Melissa Conlin Archuleta thanked everyone for their continued support and posts.  All of this love and positive energy is helping Hedda and her family more than you know! I do want to note how extremely important it is for Hedda, and her family, to have time to rest so that they can continue on the road to Hedda's good health. For this reason, they are not up for visitors at the hospital or their home at this time. If you are reaching out to the family with messages of support please note that email or Facebook is the best way - please avoid text messages. Your emails and Facebook messages and the love you are sending them is absolutely amazing and it is carrying them through this, she wrote on Facebook.