MORRISTOWN, NJ -  The Morris Township’s Crime Prevention Unit encourages families and motorists to follow these few simple safety rules:
For motorists
- When driving pay close attention for children who may dart out from in between parked cars, especially when 
driving throughout residential streets.
- Be alert for children when entering or exiting driveways or alleys.
- Watch for children in dark costumes or clothes at dust and as the night goes on
For parents
- An adult or a responsible young adult should accompany any “Trick or Treater” under the age of “12”
- Discuss and plan the areas where to go for “Trick or Treating”. 

- These should be areas familiar to and known to you.
- Visit areas that have good street lighting and sidewalks
- Only go to well-lit houses or apartments.
- NEVER enter anyone’s home.
- Walk not Run from house to house
- Use sidewalks and avoid walking across lawns.
- Goodie bags should be bright colored or have some-type of reflective markings
- Children should carry flashlights
- Designate a curfew time 
- Please do not drop off your teenage child in an area just to “hang out” in a neighborhood.
- If your teenager is going to a party confirm that information with the homeowner/parent
- Should be loose fitting and flame retardant
- Although make up is preferred, masks can be worn. 
- Masks should not block children’s vision and have adequate nose & mouth openings
- Children should not eat any candy until they return home.
- Insist on inspecting all candy before it is consumed.
- Children should be given an early meal to discourage eating any candy before inspection.
- When in doubt –throw out!Homeowners
- Have adequate exterior lighting
- Ensure your walk way is free from any hazards
- Stop handing out candy at 9:00 p.m. 
The Morris Township Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit wishes everyone a healthy and safe Halloween.
For more Halloween Safety Tips or information, please call the Crime Prevention Unit at 973-326-7450.