MOUNTAIN LAKES, NJ - This game should really be marked with an asterix as spectators were not sure if NJ 12th ranked Morristown actually deserved this win.

With the regulation clock ticking to 0:00 at a 5 all tie, the game was sent to “Sudden Victory” overtime with two three (3) minute periods.
During a loose ground ball struggle in front of the Mountain Lakes goal, Nicole Ferrara, in impressive fashion, flicked the ball towards the Mountain Lakes goal. It ended up hitting the post and bouncing out to the crease, but since the goal post, for some reason, was technically aligned behind the “goal line”, after a discussion the refs decided to give Morristown the goal and the ultimately the win. Go figure.
The Morristown Midfield Squad of Callie SundinAnnika Begley and Nicole Ferrara each logged 2 goals and 1 assist. That was all for the quantifiable production although Sarah Grace PlottShelby ClarkeVictoria FerraraAva Plott and Sara Chupak all contributed on the attack side of the field.
The Morristown Defense was led by Amelia Drake with the middle squad of Linnea BegleyGrace GodfreyTara Goldhirsch and Kei Murphy
During the key moments of the game, the defense stepped up and did now allow Mountain Lakes to score while having possession, in turn giving Morristown the chance for a goal and the ultimate win. 
Morristown will  travel to Summit on Thursday