MORRISTOWN, NJ - On the ninth day of Christmas, End of Elm is serving Coppolla Sante Pinot Noir wine.
This wine has bright garnet red color and flaunts an alluring fragrance of fresh raspberries and rose petals followed by juicy impressions of pomegranate, cherries, and anise. Notes of sandalwood emerge on the finish as does a hint of tea leaves. This is a light, flowing wine with a gentle sweetness, soft tannins and an elegant texture. The finish is clean and fresh.
This excellent vintage is intensely aromatic and flavorful.

Pairs beautifully with grilled salmon, roasted pork or butternut squash atop mixed greens.

" A votre sante" means a toast to your health in Italian inspired by Copolla's mother's toast. 


 Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what is being served on the tenth day of Christmas