Why change in representation is needed in Morristown’s 3rd Ward 

The form of government adopted in Morristown is one of an independent council with an independent administration. For the last eight years, Morristown residents have been governed by a council “rubber stamping” the administrations agenda at the expense of Morristown residents. 

The current council, with the exception of the 1st ward rep, has remained silent, while allowing development projects throughout the town to receive “Pilot” tax abatements at residents expense. 

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This type of complacency is most apparent inside the borders of the 3rd Ward. A quick drive down Early st. or Speedwell ave will tell the story of many years of poor planning, lack of transparency and even worse implementation that has gone unquestioned. 

The luxury apartment complex Modera on Early st., which is still incomplete (“Linnear” a passive recreation park which was part of phase 2  back in 2016) was provided a Morristown resident funded “Pilot” abatement. As well as,  an amended agreement from the original plan that let the developer off the hook for an additional 14 million dollars in infrastructure upgrades to the street and sewer lines. 

Notice that only one side of Early st. has new lamp post and sidewalks while the other is dark with only old out dated orange to light the sidewalks. Still to this date, there has been no communication on when phase 2 will be complete and the additional redevelopment will begin and be completed. 

On Speedwell ave, we were promised a redirected traffic pattern to alleviate the traffic throughout corridor. Instead, we received a CVS pharmacy, which only added more traffic to speedwell ave. 

In addition, CVS, a company that did 20 Billion dollars in revenue last year, received a Morristown resident funded “Pilot” tax abatement. 

There is no doubt the current 3rd Ward representative cares about his neighbors and the town as a whole. There are many positive accomplishments that have been competed over his last two terms of which we should all be very thankful of his hard work and dedication, but the reality is that the 3rd ward is growing and will continue to grow over the next decade. 

It is paramount that we have a representative that will remain independent of the administration and act in the best interest of the residents in the ward. 

 The Independent candidate Lorena Inestroza has already taken steps to address the drug dealing currently taking place in the Early st. senior buildings 100 feet from the Morristown High school. She has brought the poor conditions of the senior housing buildings into the spotlight and has begun to raise awareness to the immense cost that are looming to remediate Speedwell lake of the invasive water chestnut. 

I wholeheartedly believe that Lorena Inestroza will treat this council position with the utmost respect, diligence and pragmatism that is required. 

Ms. Inestroza has ran a campaign based solely on facts and awareness to the issues plaguing the 3rd Ward and not once taking any personal shots at the incumbent. All while taking the time to personally knock on every door in the ward.    

If you believe change is a natural and healthy part of government, than Tuesday November 5th is your opportunity to have your voice heard. 

Our town and most definitely our 3rd ward, no longer needs party politics interfering in our communities future. I recommend and endorse Independent candidate Lorena Inestroza to lead our ward for the next four years. 


William Needham