Fairfield, N.J.- Former NFL lineman, Bart Oates continues to make improvements in the healthcare industry concerning the lasting repercussions of untreated concussions. Oates, who won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants from 1985 to 1993 and a third with the San Francisco 49ers, has always expressed his passion for the importance of health and wellness knowledge. Oates became a partner with Metro DX Laboratories back in (YEAR?) and with them has developed initiatives, as well as conducting research for athletes to become more educated about concussion injuries.

Being as limited and exclusive as the NFL is, starting players think twice about leaving the field after getting hurt and continue to play with injuries including possible concussions. Oates strives to change the current landscape in order for more players to feel comfortable taking themselves out of a game after an injury in order to be treated. Additionally, if injured taking the time to heal.

Barts was recently featured in a Daily News article with other members of the 1986 New York Giants as they reflected back on the 30-year anniversary of Super Bowl XXI. The players share life after football and the painful toll that it has taken on their body. The players exchange stories of back surgeries, sore knees, and the lasting repercussions of head injuries.

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I was very fortunate during my 18 years of playing collegiate and professional football not to have suffered any severe concussions. There were many times that I "saw stars" or "got my bell rung" but never had to be carted off the field or miss game time because of a blow to the head. I did see many of my colleagues get knocked out of become so disoriented that they did not know where they were for long periods of time. I remember one friend who got a vicious hit to the head have to stay in his bedroom with shades drawn for two weeks because any light would cause severe discomfort Because of the issues and debilitating condition that many of my teammates and friends have and are experiencing I have become keenly interested in understanding the issues relating to head trauma and research being done to help alleviate some of the suffering I see. There is much being done to create protocols that will better protect those still playing and treatment for those who are suffering from TBIs. I am hopeful that bringing an awareness of these issues will help many of those suffering now and prevent injuries in the future. ” Said Bart Oates.

An NFL-commissioned study in 2009 found that former players were five to 19 times more likely to suffer from dementia or similar diseases than the national average. This generation of NFL players also is at risk as the number of reported concussions in the league continues to rise.

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