DENVILLE, NJ  – Morris County Vocational School Districts Continuing Education invites you to join on Monday, October 3rd at 5:30pm at the Morris County School of Technology, 400 East Main St, Denville for BAMBOOZLE ANTIDOTE.

Think you're savvy enough to protect yourself? Do you know how to spot a scam, or to stay clear of suspicious services? Professional con artists near and far use technology and persuasion to engage us in what appears to be legitimate opportunities.

Detective Supervisor, Mark Castellano, from the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, will arm attendees with knowledge about recent fraud trends and methods used by sophisticated con artists. Detective Supervisor Castellano will cover the many types of frauds that are perpetrated on the public every day. From identity theft, credit card, investment, healthcare frauds, as well as charity and employment schemes, we will learn how to avoid these scams and protect our assets and our privacy.

This free presentation is brought to you by Continuing Education at Morris County Vocational School District. Registration is required, please register online at