MORRISTOWN, NJ - According to AAA, the national average price for regular unleaded gasoline is $2.29 per gallon. Here in Morristown, gas is higher than the national average with 12 gas stations reporting gas prices $2.31 or higher a gallon. It was reported that 5 gas stations are selling gas for as high as $2.79 a gallon. Don't leave town just yet as there are a few gas stations in and around Morristown where gas is a little less.

According to NewJerseyGasPrices.comExpress Fuel, located at 492 Sussex Ave & Gaston Road, is selling regular gasoline for $2.19 a gallon (cash).  According to the site, two gas stations in Morristown are reporting gas prices at $2.29 a gallon (cash). They are Luk Oil, 151 Washington Street and Dean Tire, 60 Abbett Avenue.

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