Some people say, “The atmosphere in a restaurant is key to its success”, while others argue, “The food is the priority.”

Is it possible to have a restaurant that provides a unique atmosphere and healthy, top of the line food?

David Rockwell, founder and CEO of Rockwell Group, said, “The first impression is crucial.”

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With that said, H2Ocean, located at 41 Ridgedale Avenue, Cedar Knolls, has made a great first impression among excited patrons eager to visit the newly opened restaurant.

The title, along with the décor of the restaurant convey the maritime theme.  From the architecture resembling a ship to the steering wheel door handles.

Jack Pires, General Manager, provided background on the food served in the restaurant.

“We take pride in our seafood,” explained Pires.  “Our seafood is wild, not farmed.  Which means never frozen, no chemicals added, and an overall healthier food.”

A wide variety of seafood options range from popular appetizers such as tender octopus to various entrees such as Crispy Potato Crusted Sole and a full lobster to name a few.

In addition, there is a raw bar consisting of oysters, shrimp, and clams.

While the focus of the restaurant is seafood, it is not the only option on the menu.

H2Ocean, offers soups, salads, poultry, pasta, homemade meatballs and Filet Mignon.

“The poultry is farm raised with no antibiotics added,” said Pires.  “The vegetables and bread come from local farms and bakeries, while the honey, used in numerous dishes, comes from Whiteman’s Farm in Morristown.

Greg Quinn, a server at H2Ocean was asked for his thoughts on what makes H2Ocean a great restaurant. 

“H2Ocean has something on the menu for everybody.  You can come for lunch or dinner, a small gathering or a large party upstairs.   The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is incredible,” added Greg.

Maybe it is possible for a restaurant to have it all.

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