MORRISTOWN, NJ - Much like the Student of the Month, Morristown High School Principal Mark Manning implemented the Heart of a Colonial Award.  Students who are hard-working, responsible, honest, kind or respectful are nominated by their teachers. There is no limit to the number of students nominated each month. 

The name of each nominee is displayed on the bulletin board in the atrium and a letter, from the principal, is sent home,  acknowledging the recognition.  The name of each nominee is then put into a bowl and at the end of the month, Principal Manning picks one name out of the bowl. The student chosen receives a $20 gift certificate, donated by a local business.

In October, 59 MHS students were honored for the "Heart of a Colonial" Award. That number rose to 115 students in December.   January had 34 honorees while February had 89. There were 35 students honored in March .  Interesting to note that several names are seen more than once on the list. These students have been recognized by more than one teacher. 

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“We wanted to continue working these characteristics into conversations and weave them into our interactions in a constructive way”, said Manning. “The award recognizes students for things that aren’t recognized on a report card but contribute to a positive school environment.”

The following students were recognized in March:

Rosa Urquia

Marlon España

Jason Quiroga

Adam Bober

Bridget McBride

Jake Massey

Rachel Ahlmeyer

Richard Webber

Alejandra Iglesias

Amy Stiner

Lade Ryan

Caleb Chiariello

Brendan Pallatta

Alex Chu

Jacqueline Clemons

Ada Patterson

Jeremy Kuelker

Olivia Perry

Matthew Mruz

Thomas Ragucci

Luis Ulloa

Jeremy Kuelker

Thomas McBride

Elena Di Mare

Alexandra Hoeman

Meghan Crowley

Savannah Familo

Jack Winkelried

Milka Morales

Kevin Thornton

Gavin Green

Lindsey Fleck

Jeremy N Kuelker

Lauren Hicks

Lindsey Fleck

Rene Hernandez

Jose Santos

Aleen Mejia