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Imagine that you are at a grocery store, carefully choosing the food that will nourish your family despite your meager budget.

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Now imagine you are ready to pay and the cashier says you must remove $30 worth of food.

What would you leave behind?  

That’s exactly what’s happening to tens of million of families after the recent cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps. Congress and the President took nearly $14 billion in groceries away from the 47 million Americans (including 1.8 million NYC residents) who rely on SNAP.

When so many accepted defeat, we refused to give up. As a result, the entire NYC Congressional Delegation, with one exception, opposed the SNAP cuts.

Our advocacy efforts are leading the charge for a hunger free America, and we’re making a real difference in helping hungry New Yorkers access food. But we need your help.

Because hunger is a national problem, we’re expanding our work nationwide. We won’t stop fighting back, and speaking out, until every American has enough nutritious food to eat.

In these challenging times, your donation is more important than ever. Make a donation and help us continue fighting against hunger.




Joel Berg

Executive Director