NFL football fans across the country are looking forward to the final playoffs today, two weeks before the Super Bowl, yet most of the news is about Tom Brady's "injured hand." Yes, Tom Brady is on the Patriots injury report. What most fans don't realize is that if you follow the Patriots injury report before any regular or post-season game, Tom Brady's name appears on that report week after week for the past few years.

Boo hoo. Injured hand, broken dreams. Poor Tom, no ring. We'll just have to wait and see.

The New York Jets 2017 season was halted quite suddenly with Josh McCown truly breaking his hand in the Jets 23-0 loss against the Broncos December 10th, 2017.

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Broken hand. Broken dreams.

The 2017 season was up and down for the New York Jets team, and fans as well. Some sports fortune tellers foretold a dismal win-loss outcome, predicting a 0-16 season. I personally thought the team played with amazing vigor and resilience. Unfortunately, the New York Jets lost some games with questionable calls from the refs and basically just some very poor plays.

For the second year in a row, the New York Jets ended their season 5-11. That's painful for season ticket holders, some who still owe money on their PSL's. The 2016 season had too much quarterback drama. The 2017 New York Jets were called a team in the rebuilding mode, according to Todd Bowles and other Jets insiders. We've been rebuilding for a long, long time.

2018 will be my father's 51st as a season ticket holder, and as he approaches his 89th birthday, I'm hoping he lives long enough to see the New York Jets at least get to the playoffs once again. He claims Joes Namath sold his soul to the devil to win Super Bowl III. There are still some teams in the league who haven't made it there at all. At least we have a memory.

Here's hoping the 2018 New York Jets season breaks the Namath curse. One can hope and dream