MORRISTOWN, NJ - Today, patients and visitors at the Goryeb Children's Hospital got a unique surprise today as they looked out the windows. Spiderman and Captain America scaled the walls and windows of the hospital and delighted spectators. Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman went room to room visiting patients to celebrate National Super Hero Day.

Doctors, nurses and the entire team at the Goryeb Children's Hospital use their superpowers everyday to heal and ease the pain for their young patients.

Today, Jack Garzon, a patient at the hospital, dressed up in his own super hero costume. "I would want to have fire breathing power and the ability to fly", said Jack

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"Its not just today, not just the Super Hero Day, they do a wonderful job here", said Tom Garzon, Jack's Dad. "We have been to alot of hospitals around the area and I can't say enough about this place. The staff has been wonderful".

When Pam Garretson, manager of Internal Communications at the hospital asked Jack who his superhero was, he paused and thought for a minute. "Superman and Jennifer, he replied".

Jennifer Coviello is a member of the Child Life Team. The Child Life Team is responsible for creating a kid friendly environment where the "kids can escape and play while they recuperate" 

"All the people here are great", said Tom Garzon, "It makes the time go by and makes us forget about the treatments and enjoy the time here".