MILLBURN, NJ- How would you like to reduce inflammation, promote muscle recovery and rejevenate the skin in three minutes? The experts at 256 Below, located, within the Dolce Viso Spa and Salon at 290 Millburn Avenue in Millburn are
bringing cutting edge, whole-body cryotherapy treatments to the residents of Northern New Jersey.  
Cryotherapy is a safe, therapeutic and non-invasive process that was once the exclusive domain of professional athletes and super models. Now 256 Below is making cryotherapy available to everyone. 
A 2-3 minute session in a cryosauna is equivalent to an hour’s submersion in a traditional ice bath - but without all the pain and discomfort. As the body naturally responds to the cold temperatures, there is a signifcant endorphin release. Users report reduced muscle and joint soreness, less pain, faster workout recovery time, and a boost in energy after a session. Cryotherapy stimulates the production of collagen, tightening pores and reducing fine lines and wrinkles while oxygenating the blood with nutrients which allows the body to heal faster.
From professional athletes like former NY Giant, Steve Weatherford, to those suffering arthritic joint pain, to those who simply want younger looking skin, cryotherapy has found a growing fan base of faithful followers and staunch proponents nationwide.  
“Cold treatment for athletes has been around since the days of the ice bath,” says 256 Below owner Stan Kapica. “Now, no longer just a luxury limited to the pros, our cryosaunas let everyone - from fitness enthusiast to those seeking a youthful glow - take advantage of the vast menu of benefits each cryotherapy session provides… and at an affordable rate.”   
Appointments can be made by calling (973) 671-1314 - and for those who want to learn more about the process, walk-ins are welcome.