Dear Morris Township Residents,
As you are all hopefully aware of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Tuesday, May 26, I feel responsible to acknowledge the horrific incident as the Chief of the Morris Township Police Department. On behalf of the Morris Township Police Department, we offer our condolences to the family, friends and relatives of George Floyd. We do not condone those actions and behaviors.

Please know that our officers are continuously and consistently training on topics pertaining to racial profiling, harassment, ethics, cultural diversity, use of force, dealing with mental illness and substance abuse to name a few. As an Agency, we have provided tools and equipment to our officers in order to have alternatives to the use of deadly force as well as teach de-escalation techniques. Perhaps our greatest achievement is the diversification of our personnel, many of which grew up in our community. As we move forward in a positive direction from this incident, our police department will focus on building and maintaining our positive relationship with our residents. We are committed to solidarity and not division. We are your police department and we ask for your assistance in growing with you.
Thank you
Chief Mark DiCarlo