When my son was 16 years old, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. During that first year we made 5 runs to the ER, he was hospitalized three times. But we were fortunate.  With the proper care our son avoided the surgery that so often comes with this disease. We had good health insurance and all of the costs were covered.

Still, until there is a cure, he will struggle with this for the rest of his life. Bills which could bankrupt a family without health insurance will continue to arrive – his treatments, an infusion every 6 weeks, cost over $17,000 a cycle. 

He did not ask for this disease, but he lives with it and he manages it. Now that he has aged out of our insurance he is able to get his own health insurance only because there are protections for pre-existing conditions. They’re exactly the type of protections the man running to be my next congressman has consistently voted against during his long record in the State House.
So why am I canvassing, calling, stuffing envelopes and attending rallies for Mikie Sherrill?  Because Mikie knows how important quality healthcare is for all Americans, young and old.  Because Mikie will fight to ensure that pre-existing conditions are covered and that seniors keep Medicare without increased premiums that most can’t afford.  Mikie Sherrill is well aware of the fact that our healthcare system needs improvement, but knows you must first create something better before destroying what has helped so many Americans access healthcare, some for the first time.  

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A vote for Mikie Sherrill is a vote to make healthcare available to all Americans. That’s why I’m on Team Mikie.

Beth Randall Branigan