As you may have seen or heard, a local business called The Tashmoo in Morristown, NJ was shut down completely unfairly by the town administration after following social distancing rules perfectly. Many other businesses nearby that had the same amount of people, many of which were too close together, did not get shut down. 
As a resident of Morris County and supporter of local business, I am outraged and want the town administrator of Morristown to reconsider this completely unwarranted decision. I also understand The Tashmoo worked with the town to get approvals to open up outdoors safely, which they were given, and still got shut down while other bars were clearly in violation of the rules and are still open.

I have photos of The Famished Frog, The Office, J&K Steakhouse, and the Sterling Tavern all with crowds of people no farther apart than those at The Tashmoo.

Furthermore, they town administration has not only shown total hypocrisy here, they are also ruining the lives of a hard working family in Morristown. The Walshes have worked tirelessly to open up a new business in Morristown, bringing in money for the town and all while raising three young children. Mrs. Walsh is a devout Catholic and member of the women's club who gives her time to others and volunteers to help our community. Her sister and mother also run a small business in Morristown and share their love for the town in all of their products sold. Did the town ever think of that before revoking only their livelihood and not others?

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To show my support, I am asking our community to come together and start a GoFundMe account to help them out. Let's make this right!

Your loyal reader,
Vanessa Ott