The Democratic Party is a long-time supporter of the NJEA. In addition, Democrats are supportive of funding pensions so that our educators can count on a comfortable retirement.

I support the effort to fully fund the teacher’s pensions and I encourage you to go to and take action. In addition, it is critical that we continue to fund the facilities of the Morris County Vocational School District, Educational Services Commission of Morris County and the County College of Morris to prepare local students to enter the workforce.

Democrats understand the purpose of collective bargaining. We realize that collective bargaining is a fundamental Human Right. We also realize the importance of tenure. We know the sacrifices that teachers make to educate our children and develop them into successful adults. I support teachers and I know that my fellow Democrats do as well.

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I encourage you to vote for your local Democratic candidates this November 8th. We support teachers at the state, county, and municipal levels.

Mitchell Horn

Democratic Candidate for Morris County Freeholder