To the editor:

On June 25 the NJ Legislature passed A4218. This bill strengthens and revises the laws which require individuals convicted of domestic abuse to surrender their guns. The revised bill also gives the courts and the police greater authority to require surrender of firearms from those found guilty of domestic abuse and provides very specific procedures for the courts and police to follow.

That Governor Christie appears to be sitting on this bill rather than signing it is not surprising, given his presidential aspirations. Of greater concern is the fact that the NJ legislature does not have the votes to override a veto at this time. This bill had bipartisan support, including Republican Senators Thomas Kean and Jennifer Beck. Our Assemblymen, Anthony Bucco and Michael Patrick Carroll, voted “No.” Do Assemblymen Bucco and Carroll think that taking guns from domestic abusers is going too far? Are they concerned about the second amendment rights of stalkers and violent intimate partners? One has to wonder if the votes of Assemblymen Bucco and Carroll were motivated by fear of the NRA, not by concern for victims of domestic violence.

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The Democratic opponents of Assemblymen Bucco and Carroll, Richard Corcoran and Thomas Moran, are committed to voting for this bill or its successor.


Rachel P.
Randolph, NJ