Dear Friends, Neighbors and former Constituents,


My name is Timothy A. Jackson, former First Ward Councilman for the Town of Morristown.  It is with great pride and pleasure to endorse the candidacy of JAMES SULLIVAN AND WILLIAM NEEDHAM for Morristown Council at Large. 

I served, with honor, as your Morristown Councilman for 3 elected terms, 12 consecutive years, 8 years of which were with Williams mother, Councilwoman Theresa Needham.  Together we were able to accomplish many milestones for Morristown during its vital years of growth and redevelopment.  Due to a debilitating stroke, though improving every day, I was unable to seek reelection. But it is with great confidence that William and James will serve in the same capacity as Councilmen, watching out for Morristown and the future of its residents.

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I have known William and James since they were young boys.  I was extremely impressed to watch William at a very young age at the forefront of the community effort in the restoration of the Community Theatre.  I was one of the first volunteers and witnessed firsthand his involvement with the leadership of his father William Needham.  As councilmen, Theresa Needham and I were able to facilitate the improvement efforts and I am very proud to have been an intricate part of the theatres revival.  

Both boys have grown to become successful adults, James a Morristown Attorney with Sullivan and Graber and William a salesman with Joshen Paper Company as well as owner of Morristown Modern, a mid-century modern furniture store.

Knowing from 12 years of experience it is extremely important to have independent voices on the council and not just another yay or nay vote.  That is not good for Morristown.  It is with extreme confidence in knowing William and James for as long as I have that I am certain that they will not be just another yay or nay.  They have demonstrated their love for Morristown repeatedly, and a bipartisan and independent approach that will resonate on both sides of the aisle.  I look forward to working with them when I return to the Council.

I ask for your support in the Candidacy of JAMES SULLIVAN AND WILLIAM NEEDHAM on November 7th.



Timothy Jackson