MORRISTOWN, NJ –The Morristown based radio station, WMTR-AM, has entered the sports-talk arena with "Taking Sports" hosted by Livingston resident Jonathan Friedman. Friedman will be taking calls on all pro, college and local scholastic sports, live each Thursday, from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.
"I've loved sports and radio since I was a young boy growing up in Atlanta," says Friedman. "To spend a full hour each week chatting with guests and sharing ideas with callers is tremendously enjoyable, and I very rarely lack an opinion on anything."

Friedman's primary expertise is in basketball, baseball, and football, but he will discuss hockey, MMA, golf, and pretty much anything else sports fans are inclined to call in about.

Listeners who’d like to contact Friedman while he’s on the air may call WMTR at 973-267-9687