MORRIS COUNTY, NJ - On April 6, 1917, 100 hundred years ago this week, the United States officially entered World War 1, as President Woodrow Wilson signed a war resolution that was strongly backed by Congress.

More than four million American families, including those in Morris County and across New Jersey, sent their sons and daughters to serve in uniform during the “Great War.’’

Some did not return. Nearly 117,000 U.S. soldiers gave their lives in combat – 130 of them from Morris County.

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Morristown heroes like  J. Lawton Collins, Frank Maurice Condon, Alfred Felix Conway, Thomas John Cooney, Ralph Hinchman Cutler,  William Albert Damitz, Frank Hobart Davis, Robert William Dolan fought in the “War to End All Wars.’’  To read the full list of WW1 Soldiers and Sailors associated with Morris County, click HERE

“We remember today the great sacrifices made 100 years ago in the name of freedom by families from across Morris County and our state and nation,’’ said Morris County Freeholder Director Doug Cabana. “They proudly carried this relatively new nation’s banner across the sea, making great sacrifices for liberty and peace.

“It is important for their families to know that we have not forgotten them, that even 100 years later we still honor their service.’’     

One servicemen who returned home from WW1 a hero was Laird Holmes Barkalow. Barkalow, a graduate of Morristown High School, class of 1913 became a teacher at the Warford School of Music in Morristown and was a music critic for the Morristown paper. The Daily Times.

Other brave men with Morristown ties include Franklin Wilson Rice, M.D., Walter Anderson, John Joseph Ambrose , Frank Lewis Applegit, Peter “Pete” Arkie, Cuthbert Henry Armstrong, Edward Nelson Babington,Raymond A. Barris,  Jacob Hoffner Benson, Louis Raymond Breiding, Rev. Eugene Sebastian Burke, Henry G. Carrell, Edward James Caufield, Daniel Francis Clifford,  Hugh Livingston Morris Cole, Thomas Francis Cummings.

The impact on our town, state and county was great. For more information, visit: or