On May 5th, 100 year-old WWII Veteran Curtis Glenn visited Morris Heart Associates for his routine pacemaker check. During the visit with his cardiologist, Barry Lowell MD the two discovered a link that tethered doctor to patient beyond the realm of cardiac care.

As an avid history enthusiast, Dr Lowell discussed Glenn’s military service, and came to realize that Glenn had received The Battle of the Bulge Medal for his service during the infamous encounter where a surprise German attack caught the Allied forces completely off guard, claiming the highest total of US casualties for any operation during the war. 

Allied advancement during the battle severely depleted Germany's armored forces on the western front, weakening their position, thus enabling soldiers under General Patton’s command to cross enemy lines and free Allied forces held in POW camps throughout Europe. Fortuitously, Dr. Lowell’s father Stanley, a young Airman was released from a POW camp following the Battle of the Bulge. 

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Following the conclusion of WWII, Lowell Sr. would return to Long Island, raising a family with his wife Elaine. His son Barry would grow up to become a Cardiologist caring for America’s Veterans throughout North/Central NJ. 

Patient Curtis Glenn holds a special place, because without him and the bravery of men like him, Dr. Lowell’s father may never have gotten out of that POW Camp. 

Gazing down at his four medals for loyal service and bravery, Glenn (now resident of Wharton) reflects back on his struggle during the campaigns of WWII.  Of all his victories, Glenn most appreciates continuing to win his fight against heart disease.   In 1996 Glenn suffered a severe heart attack resulting in damaged heart tissue requiring a pace maker for his heart to function properly.    

Since his heart attack nearly 20 years ago, Glenn has been living a heart healthy lifestyle including  regular activity, moderate diet, precautionary medicines and regular visits to see the team at Morris Heart Associates, which is affiliated with Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute at Morristown Medical Center. 

“It’s never too late to begin living a heart healthy lifestyle.  Patients of advanced age get medications and they need to come in to the office to be certain they are working as they are intended,” says Glenn’s cardiologist Dr. Barry Lowell. 

Looking forward to his 101st birthday in August, Curtis Glenn looks even further into the future and is hopeful to celebrate his 110th birthday in 2024. 

“Oh what a party that will be, I expect they will come from all over to come see me then!”