MORRISTOWN, NJ  - The Morristown High School Humanities Academy is proud to announce a feature presentation this Friday, May 24, at 7:00 PM in the MHS auditorium:  Dog Sitters, a one-act original play written, directed, and produced by Academy student Lena Schmitt in fulfillment of her capstone project.  Dog Sitters is a comedy and features a cast and crew comprised entirely of MHS students under Lena's direction.  Said Humanities Academy teacher Matt Daly, "Lena has used the time and space allotted to her to create something amazing!"  She is also collecting donations to the Mt. Pleasant animal shelter.

On Thursday, June 6, members of the community are also invited to attend "Humanities Night," a public exhibition of all the work that students in the program have created over the past year.  Starting at 6:30 PM, the night will include a gallery-style presentation of work, along with 8 keynote addresses in the style of TED talks. All 50 students in the Academy will be presenting in some manner, and the projects encompass a range of subjects, including computer programming, entrepreneurial pursuits, advocacy work, cultural explorations and artistic endeavors. There will be time to speak with the students, and some light refreshments will be served. Presentations will take place in and around the MHS Auditorium

The Humanities Academy at Morristown High School introduces students to the principles of design thinking, a methodology employed by a range of academic disciplines and industries to guide problem-solving in a way that is purposefully human-centered.  Throughout the academic year, students in the Humanities Academy have been getting valuable feedback on their final projects at the "In the Schools" forums held at the town/township library.  These public critiques have offered students ways to strengthen their projects and have directed them to a variety of resources in the community.