MORRISTOWN, NJ - A new bill has been proposed by NJ Lawmakers that would make it mandatory for all New Jersey schools to test a school's water system. Ahead of the proposal, the Morris School District collected water samples, between March 16 - 18, to evaluate the quality of water within the district.

On March 29, according to Morris School District Superintendent Mackey Pendergrast, the results of the water sampled  indicated that one school within the Morris School District contained higher than normal lead levels.  Through an email to parents, Pendergrast stated that Hillcrest Elementary School had a lead level of 0.020, which is 0.005 above the maximum contaminant level. 

The Morris School District is making the information public to show the steps the district is taking to "evaluate the water quality in all of the schools and to ensure a safe water system and optimal healthy environment", continued the statement.

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Water samples were collected from three sources; the nearest point of entry from the external water source, water fountains nearest the gymnasium and water sources on each floor of the school building.

To ensure safety to the students and staff, the water to all hallway water fountains and classroom faucets have been turned off. Pendergrast stated that water bottles will be available for students and staff while they wait two to three weeks for additional results. 

"School communities throughout New Jersey and the entire nation are beginning to address the complex issue of water quality", wrote Pendergrast. "Our goal is to be proactive, transparent and forthright throughout this process so that our community is well informed and our students are safe."

To see the results for each school, click HERE