MORRISTOWN, NJ - The Pokemon Craze has infected the Morristown area and all of the United States.  These are pocked sized monsters that everyone wants to gobble up.  According to the website (see link at bottom of article) those who have downloaded Pokemon Go spend an average of 43 minutes a day playing the game.  In comparison, people spend 25 minutes a day on Instagram.  

The main goal is catching "pokemon."   You have to chase these balls and a good aspect is that it causes people to get out of their houses and move around therefore getting some exercise.  

The negative is that you shouldn't be playing the game in a neighborhood with traffic. It is a lot like texting while driving.  The game is extremely dangerous while driving. Fox News reported that two people had fallen off a cliff chasing the pokemon. Thankfully, neither were seriously injured.   Fox News also reported many auto accidents related to the craze.  Read below. 

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The players compete with their cameras on their phones on and the figures appear. The game is played through the phone camera lens with the aim of spotting and catching Pokémon all around you. Crossing the street into traffic or walking into the ocean are both distinct possibilities with this game. Getting lost is a risk too. 

The Morris Township Police Department posted the following warning on their Facebook page:

As I’m sure you have heard, the new Pokémon Go App has taken the world by storm. Within a week the app has risen to one of the most downloaded and used apps of all time. The game is unlike any video game created to date. It’s the first game to have players explore the real word in search of the illusive Pokémon. You have no doubt seen people of all ages congregate around parks and points of interest around town in search of these creatures. We think the game is an amazing idea, it encourages people of all ages to get outside and socialize with other Pokémon trainers, while exploring their town.
With this in mind, we want to remind all Pokémon trainers that trespassing is a crime. Please do not attempt to catch any Pokémon that are not in a public location. Do not climb any fences or access any stranger’s property. We also do not recommend knocking on a stranger’s door to ask permission to go onto their property. Not all people are going to be as open and friendly or even understand what you are asking of them.
While you are on the hunt be aware of your surroundings. We recommend hunting Pokémon as a group. Also please be aware of other Pokémon trainers. This game attracts people of all ages so please use extreme caution with strangers playing the game at these public locations. If you ever feel unsafe about any situation that arises do not hesitate to call the police.
Happy Hunting Trainers and As Always, Be Safe!
Ptl Clay Boeninghaus