MORRIS TOWNSHIP, NJ - Curbside containerized yardwaste including grass clippings, leaves, plant waste and light brush will be picked up for residents of Morris township on Saturday August 12 (Zone 1) and Saturday August 19 (Zone 2)

The following pickup guidelines have been set for by the Township.

  • Place in 32 gallon standard garbage cans with lid and handles.
  • Grass clippings, leaves, plant waste, and light brush can be mixed together during this period. Light brush may should be tied with string in bundles no longer than 4 feet, or placed in 32 gallon standard garbage cans cut to the height of the garbage can.
  • Fifty (50) pound limit per can or bundle.
  • NO DIRT, LOGS, ROOTS, OR STUMPS.RESIDENTS ONLY (No Contractors) may bring grass clippings and light brush to the Department of Public Works located on Jane Way off West Hanover Avenue during business hours Monday to Friday 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and each Saturday from 6:00 AM TO 2:00 PM.