MORRISTOWN, NJ - Turning 40 is a big deal. Some plan lavish parties to celebrate their birthday while others plan a trip with friends or family. Not Nyree Anderson Miscia. She wanted to celebrate turning 40 by giving back and doing something she enjoys the most, helping others.  Miscia came up with the idea of completing 40 days of community service before her 40th birthday.

"It is both refreshing and inspiring to know someone that appreciates what they have and chooses to help others by paying it forward." said Amy Nicklaus, owner or Nicklaus Marketing.

Miscia, a client of Nicklaus Marketing began her goal on October 7 and will be participating in community service projects everyday until November 14, the day before her 40th birthday. A resident of West Caldwell, Miscia has owned Montclair Shipping for 14 years. She knows that her business helps people, just not in the traditional sense. 

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"Like hair stylists and bartenders- we end up providing a little more than just shipping options", Miscia said of her company. "I am part of an organization whose core values are based on "making people better".

For the past 25 days, Miscia has used those core values in her quest.

"When thinking of my 40th birthday, the thought of a party or vacation didn't appeal to me," said Miscia. "I actually wanted to do something bigger like help build a well or build a home, but with all my other responsibilities, I couldn't possibly be away for the time needed to do something on that scale. So I decided to do smaller things for 40 consecutive days".

She has visited visited Homeless shelters, Veterans Homes, and Food banks in her local area as well as has participated in beach and park cleanups. Miscia shared her pledge on social media in the hopes that her friends and followers would hold her accountable and push her towards finishing her goal.

"I am determined and committed to completing my goal" she said. "Because I truly feel that there is no better feeling than being able to help someone in need".

To follow Nyree's 40 day challenge, visit her Facebook page.