MORRISTOWN, NJ -Mrs. Heinsohn, Advisor of Sidewalk Smiles Club at Morristown High School, along with Sidewalk Smiles Founder Julia Kubin are asking people to take a pledge promising not to use the word retarded or retard. 

Those who share the same feelings about these words are asked to print out the pledge, sign it and mail it back.

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These signed pledges will be delivered to a Morristown council meeting so that they know people support Bill Byrne's wish for people to stop using the "R" word. Mr. Byrne is a developmentally disabled man from Morristown who asked that people please sign this pledge on behalf of the developmentally disabled.

Pledges can be sent to: 

Heidi Heinsohn
Morristown High School
50 Early St. 
Morristown, NJ 07960