MORRISTOWN, NJ - Don't turn into an ice princess. Initially, we all need our Vitamin D and lotions to get through these darker times. But there are other simple remedies the average person may not consider -that are not just easy, but fun too, says dermatologist Dr. Hilary Baldwin.

Pampering yourself with an at-home spa treatment once or twice a week, says Morristown, New Jersey-based Dr. Baldwin, who is Medical Director of the Acne Treatment and Research Center and Clear Skin Expert. The DIY pamper routine is a great way to keep the skin feeling healthy during the colder weather – and provide yourself with some affordable luxury at the same time.

Here are some tips one can follow to ensure their skin doesn’t ice over once the cold weather hits:

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Moisturize: It is time to change to a thicker moisturizer. Look for designer moisturizers with ceramides and hyaluronic acid to get and keep you moist. Additionally, keep lip balm in every pocket and apply regularly. Avoid products that have menthol, phenol, camphor during the winter. The tingle might feel good when you put it on, but they can leave your skin dry and itchy. 

Cold may actually be a good thing: While turning up the heat in the shower may warm you up on a chilly winter morning, it can actually make dry skin worse. Hot water melts the natural oils in your skin that are important for moisturizing. Also, use as little soap as possible. Soap reduces natural skin oils that are needed during the winter. Another tip to combat dry skin care is to apply a thick, oil-based lotion as soon as you get out of the shower, while your skin is still damp. Heavy creams will help lock in moisture and banish dry skin.

Prep your skin at night: If you wear foundation on a daily basis, the best thing to do is moisturize your face the night before so that your skin is hydrated before you put on your makeup in the morning.

Choose acne treatments that are non-drying: Look for double-duty products that protect the skin barrier and treat acne.

Winter weather does indeed provide its challenges. That doesn’t mean you have to grin and bear it when it comes to dry skin. Meanwhile, look on the bright side. Spring will arrive on March 21. Plus, nothing lasts forever.