MORRISTOWN, NJ - For the second year in a row, the Morristown High School Student Government Association hosted Mr. Morristown, a talent competition similar to a beauty pageant.  Last night seniors boys competed to earn this title.

Ben Schwartz, Patrick Bauer, Jeremy Kuelker, Luca Conti, Ramiro Bruno, Zane Goldberg, and Junior Rondon were each participated in a talent competition, interview category and lip-synch category. They were judged by member of the HHS staff including Algebra II teacher Julianna Jacobson, Tech Ed. teacher Michael Maguire, Science teacher Christina Doyle, and Italian teacher Frank Sendita.

For the talent portion of the show, each contestant performed a variety unique acts including swimming in a kiddy pool,  playing a recorder with his nose and making a fruit salad without utensils.

At the conclusion of the show, four contestants were awarded prizes. Third prize was a tie between Ramiro Bruno and Ben Schwartz. The second place winner and also the winner of the popular vote was Zane Goldberg and the first place winner and title of Mr. Morristown was awarded to Jeremy Kuelker.