MORRISTOWN, NJ - Morristown High School student, Anna Cliche has created a pamphlet to help high school girls learn self awareness and defense techniques to keep them safe. She believes that self awareness and defense techniques are important skills to learn, especially before girls head off to college.

Cliche has been studying karate for ten years. She says that it was through her karate classes, that her self confidence increased. 

"Karate has pushed me from my physical comforts and allowed me to break through any psychological barriers that I had", she said. "It has made me a more independent and disciplined person, but most of all, karate has dramatically increased my self-confidence."

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While working towards her Girls Scout Gold Award, Cliche combined her love of karate with her service project. Her goal was to teach high school girls self awareness and defense techniques so that they too could attain similar self confidence.

The pamphlet includes information and tips on awareness skills and self defense in addition to free awareness apps. Cliche wants teens to know that it is better to be overcautious than unsafe. Tips include general precautions, how to stay safe in unsafe areas and how to safe in specific situations like in cars or at parties. The pamphlet also outlines what to do if you feel unsafe and how to defend yourself against an attacker.

"Although I used to be a very shy student, over the years", Cliche said. "Girls Scouts taught me how to work well with others and to reach for certain goals. After being a Girl Scout for over ten years, I have seen and experienced the tremendous aid they provide in the local community. I hope that my project has had a beneficial impact on the community by teaching girls the skills they need to remove themselves from unsafe situations and inspiring them to learn more about self-awareness and defense in the future", she concluded. 

Click HERE for a copy of the digital pamphlet.


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