As we come down to the final month of summer, I hope that everyone is enjoying the wide variety of activities that Morristown has to offer. We are constantly trying to improve different areas in our community to keep moving Morristown forward. Last month, the Town received two separate grants, one from the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority Board (NJTPA), and one by the Department of Environmental Protection, equaling to $1.5 Million in total. These grants will be used in several municipal projects in the upcoming months that will help improve Morristown’s walk-ability into the downtown area and enhance the Town’s open spaces and historic landscape.


Additionally, after months of planning and organization, the Morristown Municipal I.D. program has officially launched and I hope that residents will utilize this I.D. card to the fullest extent. You can read more information about the program in this newsletter or visit our website at If you have any questions about any of our programs or project in Morristown, please feel free to contact us.


- Mayor Timothy Dougherty