MORRISTOWN, NJ - Thursday September 3 was the first day of school for the Morris School District. By the end of the day, students at Frelinghuysen Middle School were not talking about their class schedules or their new teachers, they were all discussing the dress code.

Students were reporting that new principal Joe Uglialoro, in an announcement to the Frelinghuysen Middle School student body, stated that "sweatshirts, jackets and hats" are not to be worn during school hours. 

In a call to the school, Mr. Uglialoro clarified the comment by indicating he was referring to "outerwear like jackets not sweatshirts".

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The district's dress code policy indicates that students should "dress in a manner that is neat, clean and appropriate for school". The requirements indicate that "hats and clothing designed primarily for outdoor wear must be stored in lockers".

A full list of the dress code requirements can be found HERE.