Bottom line, raising kids is not for wimps. Diary of an Empowered Parent is more like it! Cindy Marvin is a parenting coach, educator, speaker and founder of Repairenting, LLC, Morristown, NJ. Her mission is to help families reconnect and begin to enjoy their time with one another by bringing harmony back home. Through her ability to deeply listen without judgment and create a safe environment, Cindy helps families create positive changes in their lives that have dramatic lasting effects for years to come. 
She is reaching out to her community, helping parents through mindful parenting turning parent and child relationships around. What we do, right now, as parents matters in a really big way. It is the single most important job that you will have in your lifetime and there is no time to waste.
Parents committed to learn are wanted. If you want to:
Learn why Parenting with Power Doesn’t Work  
Parenting vs Friendship  
Tips on Building Self Confidence 
Q & A session 
Join Cindy’s free seminar this month. 
Get the chance to meet her May 26th at 7pm at the TMC Madison Community House, 25 Cook Ave, Madison, NJ