MORRISTOWN - It has recently come to the attention of the Morristown Bureau of Police, as well as Town officials that an image depicting the presence of Border Control on Sussex Avenue was circulated on Tuesday February 28. The origins of the image are currently unknown, however, it has been determined by Bureau of Police that the photo was digitally altered to falsely show an event that never occurred.

Morristown has persistently shown support for all members of the community and will continue to implement Fair and Welcoming policies in order to assure its residents that actions such as the one depicted in the circulated image, do not reflect the values of Morristown.

“It saddens me to see an image purposefully created to generate fear within our community,” said Mayor Dougherty. “Morristown is diverse, welcoming and inclusive. It’s especially important that we stand together as a community to continue to promote these values.”

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As such, the Town of Morristown has absolutely no intention of implementing the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement 287 (g) program. 287 (g) is a section of the Immigration and Nationality Act that would let the Department of Homeland Security train local police officers to perform the work of immigration agents.

“All of Morristown’s residents deserve a secure environment to raise their families, go to work, and contribute to society without fear,” was stated by Mayor Dougherty, following a local forum that was held to discuss immigration earlier this month. The forum was held on February 15, 2017 with local clergy, faith leaders, and representatives from the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice, Wind of the Spirit, and NJ Together.