MORRISTOWN, NJ - In an effort to protect the town’s urban trees, Morristown has begun testing a new tree well refurbishment design, improving several tree wells with soil amendments and resurfacing. The Town of Morristown and The Morristown Shade Tree Commission are currently soliciting feedback from the community on the four test wells currently installed.

The goal of this project is to promote healthier and longer living trees, reducing the need for replacement and improving the quality of life for our residents and downtown businesses. By improving water absorption and eliminating mulch spill, streets will be cleaner and easier to navigate. The tree well work is part of the Business District Tree Rejuvenation Plan, a project coordinated by the Town of Morristown and the Morristown Shade Tree Commission, in coordination with Morristown DPW and the Morristown Partnership. The plan aims to improve the health of existing trees, remove dead trees and replant new, sustainable tree species. 

Comments and suggestions regarding the form and function of the pilot tree wells can be sent to