MORRISTOWN, NJ- Have you ever wanted to impress your family and friends with your knowledge of trivia? Now you can. George & Martha's American Grille will be hosting Morristown Trivia Night on Tuesday May 19 at 8:00 p.m.

 “There are very few entertainment options out there today that truly appeal to everyone and anyone, and Trivia Night certainly does,” explained Kevan Kenney, the founder of Ultimate Attractions LLC, America’s Trivia Night’s parent company. “There may be a family or large group of friends, and some are Netflix addicts, some are bookworms, some may be super into sports but each week, there's always something for everyone.”

Morristown Trivia Night, which is always free to play, is the latest event series from Ultimate Attractions LLC, whose continued goal is to foster camaraderie within communities while creating a gathering place for neighbors & friends on Trivia Night.

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“This is a chance every week to gather the family, grab some buddies, enjoy dinner, see neighbors and maybe even win an awesome grand prize, all while benefiting the Morristown community.” said Kenney.

The different categories will be chosen by special guest wheel spinner. Come and see which town leader will be this weeks special guest. Prizes will  be awarded and will include exclusive deals from local businesses.