MORRISTOWN, NJ - Morristown has many historical sites, such as Washington’s Headquarters and Jockey Hollow.  However, all of the historical sites aren’t as self- explanatory.  Fort Nonsense is a bit of a mystery.  

If you venture up to Fort Nonsense, you will come across stones in the ground. According to archeological evidence, the pattern of the stones seems to reveal the location of the walls that George Washington's Army constructed during the Spring of 1777.

Although there were no records, historians seem to suggest that General George Washington ordered a small contruction of a fortification on the hill overlooking Morristown. Some suggest that they called it Fort Nonsense because General Washington was just keeping his troops busy. Others believe that the fortification was needed as a guardhouse in case the British ever attacked.

Fort Nonsense is part of Morristown's National Historical Park. For more information; visit