MORRISTOWN, NJ. The Peck School in Morristown is partnering with the United Kingdom based non-profit group Partnership for Children to offer Peck kindergarten students one of the world’s most successful mental health promotion programs.

“Zippy’s Friends” is a 45-minute, weekly activity that was created by a panel of eminent academics and has helped more than one million children in 30 countries. It differs from many programs for very young children, which tend to target support only to those with difficulties or who are considered at risk. Zippy’s Friends promotes the mental health and well being of all children.

The program is built around a set of six stories. Zippy is a stick insect and his friends are a group of young children. The stories show Zippy and friends confronting issues that are familiar to young children – friendship, communication, feeling lonely, bullying, dealing with change and loss, and making a new start. Brightly colored pictures illustrate each story.

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The goal is for Peck’s kindergarten students to learn to recognize difficult feelings and develop coping strategies, improve their ability to communicate their feelings, listen to others, better enable them to make friends, cope with feelings of rejection and loneliness, improve on the ability to resolve conflicts, help them deal with change and loss, and promote consideration of others through helping, being flexible, and celebrating community.

“The interest in teaching coping skills very early in life is based upon research studies which have shown that children as young as four and five are able to generate alternative solutions to cope with everyday problems,” states the Partnership for Children. “If children are able to expand their coping options and be more aware of using coping skills - particularly seeking and accepting help from others - these abilities will stay with them and help them deal with stressful situations in adolescence and adulthood.”

The Peck School has a longstanding reputation for emphasizing character development in conjunction with academics. The school stresses both “individual development and community responsibility.” Known as “InDeCoRe”, the school’s character education program has garnered national attention, including recent recognition at The 2016 National Forum on Character Education.



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The Peck School is a co-ed, independent, K-8 day school in Morristown NJ with a century-old reputation for academic excellence and emphasis on character formation.  With a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio, The Peck School strives to build in each student the capacity for disciplined learning and consideration of others, while preparing students to succeed in secondary school and to lead healthy, productive, and principled lives.

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