MORRISTOWN, NJ - Since 2002, Morris County Library has organized a children’s poetry contest during National Poetry Month. Thousands of students in grades 1-7 have enjoyed writing, reading and having their poems published. 

This year two students from Unity Charter School were recognized in the contest, and were invited to read their poems at the library on May 24, 2016. Laurel’s poem, summer in st. petersburg (intentionally not capitalized), was filled with imagery and precise language. Conversely, Nate’s poem, simply entitled A Poem Within a Poem, is a satirical piece about a student’s struggle to write a poem. As is always the case at Unity, these two students brought their unique personalities and perspectives to the contest and to their writing, resulting in success!

Creativity and creative thinking have to be at the forefront of education in the 21st Century.  When students use their imaginations they find innovative resolutions and alternatives, as was seen in both poems.  Creativity is also a key component for survival and resilience.  As we think of the ideas and inventions that have contributed to society, the people who were able to and that have enabled people to carry on and flourish have used a creative process. Advances across all fields have come about because of creative thinking. 

Unity Charter School is proud to offer such supportive and academically vigorous, yes vigorous, learning environments that ensure these types of opportunities and this type of success for all our students.