MORRISTOWN, NJ - People are asked to provide identification everywhere. Identification is now being asked when applying for housing, employment and benefits. But what do you do if you don't have ID?  The Morris County Sheriff, in conjuction with the County Human Services Director are tackling that problem with a new identification program. 

A new identification card program is free for residents ages 18 - 54 years of age and  will provide valid forms of ID needed to access essential medical, mental health, social services, and employment programs.  

“We needed to take a sophisticated approach to this dilemma, to help find a way to ensure our special needs population has identification needed to open doors to the many services available to our residents here in Morris County,’’ said Human Services Director Jennifer Carpinteri. “We had to find a partner to fill the gap created by the lack of identification and Sheriff Gannon stepped right in to help.’’

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The new ID Program is free for county residents and begins today and will run everything Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer. Residents can use the walk-in service from 10am - 2pm in the Sheriff’s Office at the Morris County Courthouse in Morristown. County residents can also call 973-285-6600 to make an appointment to get a county ID card.

“We want to help our county residents in the at-risk community, who may have few resources and not much of a support system, get the services they need to make them whole or get them on the road to recovery,’’ said Sheriff Gannon. “Making sure they have valid identification can make all of the difference in the world to our county residents.’’ 

To make an appointment for an ID card or learn more about the program, call 973.285-6600 or visit: