MORRISTOWN, NJ – Gov. Chris Christie has approved the new gas tax hike which is expected to raise $16 billion over the next eight years to replenish the state’s depleted Transportation Trust Fund. The fund is used to pay for repairs to the New Jersey’s aging bridges, tunnels and roadways.

The new tax went into effect at midnight Tuesday, Nov. 1st and for drivers filling up across New Jersey, this means spending 23 cents more per gallon each time they go to a gas station.

Gas prices in Morristown have risen to $2.56 a gallon for regular gasoline.

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"Not many people are bringing up the subject of the gas tax", said Alex, the manager at Morristown's Exxon Mobil on Morris Street. "People are still doing the same thing they did before the gas hike. If they filled up before, then they are filling up now. If they got $10 of gas then, they are getting $10 of gas now. Everyone has to buy gas, the rich, the poor, everyone. You need gas to go to work, shop, everything. We can't avoid it. It is what it is".

The gas tax increase moves New Jersey from having the second lowest gas tax in the nation to the sixth highest.

"If they money goes to fix the roads, then its good", said Alex. "Unfortunately, right now, we don't have a choice."