TRENTON, NJ - The NJ Office of the Attorney General wants you and your family to be safe this holiday season and beyond. Follow these tips from the New Jersey State Police to protect yourself from carjacking: 

What do Carjackers Look For?

-Intersections controlled by stop lights or signs
-Garages and parking lots for mass transit, shopping malls, and grocery stores
-Self-serve gas stations and car washes
-Highway exit and entry ramps, or other places driver slow down or stop

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Steps to Minimize Risk of a Carjacking

-Know your surroundings 
-Keep doors and windows locked
-Leave space to maneuver when stopped
-Do not fight back
-Give the attacker anything they want
-Keep in mind that they want the car, not you
-Keep in mind that they may take phones and other valuables
-Remember that property can be replaced 
-Get somewhere safe and call 911
-Give the 911 dispatcher as much information as you can

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