Morristown, N.J., - Located in the heart of downtown Morristown, Nunzio’s Dolce Vita brings a fresh and authentic combination of traditional and modern Italian cuisine that has forever changed the culinary landscape of this bustling town. Chef/Owner Nunzio Cassara has spent his life discovering the perfect combinations of seasonality, freshness, quality, and value, to create the exquisite Mediterranean food of his heritage.

Born in Sicily, Nunzio came to the U.S. at the age of ten and grew up in Brooklyn with his family. Learning from his Mother, Nunzio came to value fresh ingredients from local markets and would shop daily for them, the way they had in Italy.

Nunzio’s Dolce Vita is a tranquil spot minutes away from the Morristown Green. Its serene ambiance immerses patrons in a world of flavor and freshness, that combines traditional Italian cooking with the chic Morristown atmosphere. Coming upon the one-year anniversary of their opening, Nunzio’s Dolce Vita has already become an essential go-to spot for Morristown Natives.

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I love this place! It has such a cool and hip ambiance, the service was excellent, and the food was delicious! The presentation of the calamari was actually beautiful... it was plentiful, perfectly crispy and the peppers added so much life to a normally boring dish. For my entree, I ordered the linguine vongole - it was really good and they were generous with the clams.” "Priscilla P’s Reviews | Morristown | Yelp." Pricilla P. Yelp Inc., 21 Nov. 2016

Chef/Owner Nunzio fuses a lifetime of experiences into each one of his dishes. After attending the NY Restaurant School, (now known as The Art Institute) Nunzio landed a job at the Plaza Hotel. Under Chef Kerry Simon, known as “The Rock & Roll Chef,” he worked with some of the finest talent in NY, creating upscale cuisine with a European flair. After working in New York City for a number of years Nunzio joined Marriott, where he worked for 18 years in several capacities and in 5 hotels alongside world renowned executive chef Mark French and certified Master chef Ken Arnone. He was part of the opening team at the Brooklyn Marriott where he won hotel of the year awards in back-to-back years, and spent the last 7 years working for Wyndham as an executive chef.

As someone born in Italy I hope to help reset people’s palates and evolve to a point where we’re known as a restaurant that offers true flavors from Italy, while patrons may come in for their old favorite dishes, we hope to expose them to other dishes they’d also enjoy but may never have tried.” Said Chef Nunzio Cassara.

About Nunzio’s Dolce Vita

Nunzio’s Dolce Vita is a charming and exquisite Italian restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Morristown. Chef/Owner Nunzio Cassara cooks with only the freshest of ingredients, bought from local markets. Food is in his blood and cooking is his passion, Nunzio combines his New York City experience with the Mediterranean food of his heritage to create a fusion of traditional and chic in Morristown.